God's Spirit is Moving

Permission to breathe
Members of a congregation sit and wonder what they should be or who they are allowed to be. Sometimes they are actually led of the Spirit to act. But they don't know what anyone else is thinking. They don't have an example. So they remain silent. And do nothing.

We need to be that example. Not that we always have to show them anything in particular. Just to demonstrate that there is doing. And there is being.

There have been many times I have known individuals who were moved to dig to a deeper spiritual level. But no one else was doing that. There was no one there to tell them it is ok to move forward. And no one to help teach them.

God's Spirit is moving.
I truly believe God's Spirit is moving countless individuals to explore a deeper, more spiritual relationship with God.

Some people want to be chased. Some people want to be dragged. Some people just want to be left alone.

I sense so many people thirsting for God. I know you can't force someone to do something he doesn't want to do. (Usually.)

But this is different. I feel there are people who have already given someone anyone -- permission to grab them by the hair and drag them across that line.

It is not coercion. They want it. They just don't have the training or the faith or some other missing factor to go ahead and go for it themselves.

They have already acted in faith.
Here is the thing. They have already acted in faith. They have told God they want more. But they don't know how to get there.

They are ready to take a risk and box their way to where God wants them to be.

They just need to be shown where the ring is.

I have always done this in my writings, but ever-so-much more now -- I have to show them what I am thinking, planning, and doing. It isn't enough for me to just say, "I have figured this out for myself. I know what I must do." I have to convince them that the same spiritual growth is available to them, too.

Even if they never learn a single thing from what I write or say or do -- I hope and pray that someone can see through me that Christianity is NOT a disease to be run from, as in the case of the lepers. Christianity is something healthy, vital, and holy. It is to be embraced with your entire being.

Consent to proceed
This kind of leadership must be established in the church to boldly reach out and guide those ready to be led, but need to receive someone's consent or advice before they may proceed. Won't you please prayerfully consider doing what you can to help fill this need to provide this signal, this message?

We strive to provide the following for pastors and other church leaders (or anyone who wants to come along for the edification).

We could provide healing.

We could provide enlightenment at a spiritual level previously unknown to them.

We could provide encouragement.

Our best offer
And here is the best part:

We could give them a swift kick in the seat of their pants!

Now, mind you, sometimes the kick in the seat of their pants is for disciplinary matters.

But usually, the kick in the seat of their pants is to knock some sense into them and WAKE THEM UP to what is REALLY going on in their congregations and communities. There is a spiritual battle that we CAN win. But victory can never be known if no one will join in the fight.

The battle is won.
The battle is already won, truly.
The plans have already been laid in place, actually.
But we still need your help, really.

There is a great spiritual battle taking place. It goes unnoticed. Unheeded. Unannounced.

Satan is sweeping across the land UNCHALLENGED and UNCHECKED, claiming victim after victim.

Ultimately the war will be won. What is holy will triumph over the unholy.

The war WILL be won.

So what's the problem?
So what's the problem then if God is going to win in the end anyway?


Casualties: that is the problem.

We know Christ will triumph.

But that in no way safeguards the lives that are being claimed by the enemy, between now and the final confrontation between good and evil.

What spiritual battles are you called to enlist for?

There are many levels of conflict to engage in. Some Christians have specific spiritual gifts to equip them for this.

But there is something everyone can do.
Do we have to imagine our souls in dire combat with demons and evil spirits?

No. I'll break you in gradually.

Don't envision your vulnerable self being torn apart by hideously deformed monsters. I am not asking you to pick a demon and dance with it. I can see two entities struggling with each other, one good and one bad. With terrible, terrible attacks on each other.

Let me ask you a question. What is accomplished by a good entity and a bad entity pushing and shoving each other back and forth in some otherworldly places? The main thing accomplished is the bad guy is detaining you from fighting a REAL fight. You are just being distracted. Your spiritual effort is being NEUTRALIZED because you have NO FOCUS! No goal! No purpose! No plan of action!

Plan of action
Are you looking for a plan of action, Brothers and Sisters in Christ?


Well, here you are.

What is the goal of a war? To protect the civilians from foreign invasion. To limit the civilian and military casualties.

Ah ha! Now we have a purpose for our struggle!

We have to claim victory by laying claim to every civilian we can.

Remember, I am not asking you to dance with a demon. But if you feel you need visual motivation, here is what I would suggest.

Stand tall!
Pick a member of your family, the person in the pew next to you, or your neighbor, or someone at work. Then imagine Satan (or some dark, creepy thing) moving toward that person. NOW! Spring into action!

Stand tall! Stomp your foot! And yell, "No! Satan, you can't have him! By the blood of the Lamb he is radically free from you and all your minions. In the name of Jesus, back off"!

Like I said. The battle is won. Yet, there are still so many precious lives relying on someone to stand up for them and claim them in the mighty name of Jesus!

This would be very powerful to do as a group of Christians praying for another group of people. You could pray for the people in the apartment complex behind the church building. Pick a street or neighborhood. Pick an office building or a school. Pick a government agency. Or another congregation even. The field is wide open.

I would suggest a lot of prayer before this, asking for God's guidance and protection. Be certain to keep these people on your prayer list before and after this. And even ask others to join in your prayers too.

And don't forget to talk to all of them about Jesus!

Jesus is the answer!
Since Christ is set apart in our hearts we are to always be prepared to give an answer. "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." (1 Peter 3:15a).

As we live for Christ, we will be used by Him to help others come to the same conclusion that we have: that Jesus is the answer.