Salvation is Simple

I need to say upfront that you don't need this site. There is nothing I can offer you. That you don't already have.

Are you worried about your salvation? Did you say (and mean) the simple confession of faith? Yes? Then you are saved by God's grace. Not by me or a website. Or by what any other person may say or do.

Are you looking for freedom? You have already found it. When you received salvation by accepting Jesus into your heart. I can't set you free. You already ARE free. But maybe you just need someone to coax you along a bit.

I don't believe that any program or class is necessary to be saved or to find freedom. There is no group to which you must belong to be set free. There are no magic words that someone must say to you. There are no magic gestures to be performed.

It's simple.
It's simple.

It's so simple, we can't believe it is real.

But it is.

Really it is.

It is real. It is lasting. And it is yours.

It isn't a matter of claiming it. It has already been placed in you as a gift from God.

Accepting salvation
You may think you become more saved or more free as you are growing as a Christian. This is not true. You were absolutely free and absolutely saved when you confessed your sins to Christ and He wiped the slate clean -- your sins were gone. Once gone, they cannot come back. They cannot challenge your salvation. They cannot take your freedom away from you.

Then why do you sometimes feel more saved than at other times? Why do you sometimes feel closer to God? God has not moved closer to you. Or further away from you. He has always been there. But the longer you are a Christian, the more it seems like your spiritual condition is changing and becoming healthier. This is not true either. You have always been in great spiritual health since you were saved. But it takes time to ACCEPT what has been done FOR you.

No perpetual state of waiting for salvation
We seem to think we have to live in a perpetual state of doing something, or waiting for something (or something more) to happen. If we don't receive signs and confirmation, we fear something it not right. Again, this is not true. We do not need to hope and pray for something new or extra to be done to or for us. Everything was already done when we were saved. However, we may spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out a way to ACCEPT what was already done.

But there is nothing to figure out. You just accept it. Like a child would accept any good gift without question. Just be glad and be thankful for it. It's yours. No one is going to take it away from you. It's not true that you can take candy from a baby. Or salvation or freedom from an infant Christian. It just can't be done.

The Body of Christ and salvation
If salvation and freedom are so easy, why do we need to be part of the Body of Christ? Being part of the Body of Christ does not save you. However, it is a part of learning to live your life for God. There are many dynamics that are experienced as we interact with other Christians. This is how God has designed our lives to be. This is what pleases God. None of these dynamics have anything to do with us being any more or any less saved. But they do have a great impact on our effectiveness as a member of the Body of Christ, as well as our witness to the unsaved.

If everything is so simple, why did I create this site? People have been conditioned to think they must go through some kind of process to "work through" getting from Point A to Point B. This is not true. Once you arrive at Point B, you will realize that nothing you or anyone else did caused you to be moved or carried to Point B. You already were at Point B. You just needed convinced that Point B is real and valid before you would accept it and ADMIT that you believed that Point B does truly exist.

You see, we place so much emphasis and value on what other people think, we will give up everything we have if we think someone else might say we are foolish for believing Point B exists.

I believe in you.
Then is there anything here at Radically Free! to justify the existence of this website?

How about this. I want to tell you in no uncertain terms that I believe YOU. I believe that what you are thinking and feeling in your heart is true. I don't care if no one else will verify your experiences. And you shouldn't care either.

Again, why is this site here? I want you to know that you are NOT alone in your Christian revelations with God. There are plenty of other people like you. You just haven't met them yet. Or maybe they are sitting right in front of you. But neither one of you has the guts to say it out loud.

So here, I am handing you a pound of guts on a silver platter. You can do whatever you want with these guts. But I hope you have enough sense to do the right thing. To do what is in your best interests. What is in the best interests of other people. And what will bring the most glory to the Kingdom of God.

Let me repeat. Never be ashamed of your faith. Never be embarrassed. If you hesitate or hem haw around, the opportunity to share your faith will be lost.

The wicked world around us cannot challenge your freedom. It is expected of them to be a pain.

The church cannot challenge your freedom. Although I will discuss on these pages how sometimes the church, the people who should be guiding you, are actually the ones who steal the joy from your freedom.

See, I said it. No one can really steal your freedom. But they can steal the joy that accompanies that freedom. Wait a sec. They didn't steal that either. You handed it over to them.

The only person who can challenge your freedom is you.

You can go through your life miserable from worrying about things you don't need to worry about. Or you can take a chance.

Embrace the gift of God's grace.
Bless you Christian... come find yourself... truly... you are only waiting to embrace the gift of God's grace to do so... take a risk and grasp it with both hands...